PHILSTAR interview. YSTYLE: So I hear you’re the fashionista among the three. How do you differentiate yourself, style wise, from your brood? Joe JONAS: We have different pieces that we bring to the table. I’m a bit more daring, I like things that pop, bright colors. Nick is a bit more conservative, his style is more Brooks Brothers, suits.

Making the transition from boy band to mature solo artist can be tricky. Whose career crossover would you like to emulate? I look to older artists like Mick Jagger, he’s really been able to put his feet in solo stuff but also have the band always there. Even Chris Martin sang songs on the side. I want to be able to put the band first, and solo stuff second. I think it’s the same with my brothers, the band always comes first. That’s how we got here.

You told Details that you don’t want to make music that your fans would be embarrassed about. Does this mean you don’t connect with your old music anymore? Personally, I shy away from music that I listened to when I was 13, or I won’t admit that I listened to it. So I wanted to make music that grows up with my fans, and keep them drawn to it. It’s also my own mindset of what I listen to and how my music taste changes as I get older.

Who have you been listening to, putting together your album ‘Fastlife’? Everyone from a lot of DJs like Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Chris Brown. R&B artists have inspired me a lot. I had a great team around me who helped cultivate the idea and come up with the sound I wanted to do. I had ideas in my mind — pop, R&B, dance elements. It’s just the beginning, I want to continue to create solo sounds.

How do you reconcile your background and Christian upbringing with the person you want to now be in the industry? It’s all part of growing up, you take some and leave some of what you grew up with. Me and my brothers, we grew up in the spotlight for the last six or seven years. Growing up with everyone’s eyes on you is obviously very difficult but luckily we had a great family to do that with and it’s rewarding to be able to have each other. The places you want to travel to, the music you want to write and tell stories about are different. I’m always going to be the same guy, the experiences that I went through are what made me who I am.

But you don’t wear a purity ring anymore? I’d rather not talk about that.

  • JoeHoe15

    My baby is looking very cute in that video! Innocent look. ^^

  • Anonymous

    who cares if he is or isn’t a virgin ?


  • liss1

    Joe is amazing! i loved that Joe figured out he was being punkd!!!

  • classicalmusicplayer

    PUNK’D was so awesome! I loved it!! I watched it like 10 times!

  • Jinxx.

    hmm. good on joe for not talking about what he didn’t want to.
    I love how he said the band comes first and solo stuff comes second. I LOVE joe, but hearing his solo stuff just wasn’t the same. I personally couldn’t get used to it. I think he shines in a group much more tbh.
    I also like how he acknowledged that the fans are growing up and probably don’t listen to the old Jonas stuff as much. I’m going on 19 soon and as much as I love the Jonas brothers, I certainly don’t listen to ther old stuff as much as I used to.
    that’s why I’m really excited to see what they’re gonna come up with this year. can’t wait.

  • Anonymous

    Joe is just looking calm.

  • Anonymous

    He’s so adorable. Lol

  • Anonymous

    lol Joe we all can see you are still a virgin …well PROBABLY lol .Personally I would have much more respect for him if he was a virgin cuz he would have maintained his beliefs and promise and not throw them away at the first instance or need that takes him to get rid of them

  • Anonymous

    Joe and Taylor didn’t have sex. After they broke up there were rumors about Taylor being pregnant with his baby and she went on Ellen to say that it would be impossible and to trust her. That was her way of saying nothing happened.

  • UKnowULuvMe

    But you don’t wear a purity ring anymore?

    I’d rather not talk about that.

    We know you lost you V card to Ashley Greene. It’s okay.

  • SmilerForJoe

    Who cares if, how, when or with whom Joe’s had sex???
    Personally I’m a fan because of his music, his voice, his acting, and his sexy ass body ;)

  • Anonymous

    joe had sex w/ camilla belle duh. he never had sex w/ taylor, she was a virgin at the time so thats impossible.

    its just funny that joe is at the club every night now, when he used to sport that purity ring hahahaha. i love joe and have been a jo bros fan since 2006 so i support them and im glad to see they are growing up w/ their fans but stil not losing themselves totally

  • Anonymous

    I still believe Joe and Taylor lost their virginity to each other. It would explain why Taylor has always been so hung-over him, it’s like she put him above every other guy she’s dated.
    She even talked about the boy band ‘image.’ He dated Ashley when the Jo Bros were cooling off, that’s probably why he took off the purity ring (not necessarily that was the time he lost the virginity to anyone in particular, he probably lost it sooner). He needed to be respected as a solo artist and being a 21 year old Christian virgin in Hollywood? Not cool.

  • Anonymous

    I had already seen that but I hadn’t seen this Nick Jonas mega cute video!!