Chris Brown SWEET LOVE Music Video


  • Anonymous


  • Mo

    I will NOT Bash Chris Brown and it wasn’t DISTURBING….it just didn’t make any sense…to me it didn’t anyways…

  • Cathy Sajonas

    i miss the old Chris

  • Anonymous

    Will everyone STFU about the Lip Syncing shit. I would rather him lip sync than singing live and panting, sounding like a hot ass mess! People, get over your fucked up selves. -____-

  • Anonymous

    How is this disturbing. Nothing happened.

  • Theresa

    I think the disturbing part about this is that he still has a career after lip-syncing every time he performs.

    Sorry Chris, “The Great Pretenders” fad ended in the 90’s, and soon you’re career will too.

    Not to mention the fact that he’s a fucking womanizer and beat the shit out of Rihanna. I guess some women like that. Now the demographics of Team Breezy ALMOST make sense.

  • Anonymous

    That was I said to myself.. She looks like Selena Gomez… Seriously.. hahaha.. And Chris is perfect

  • Anonymous

    omg at 2:00 that girl looked EXACTLY like selena. butttt chris brown is fucking sexy and this song (and video) is hot!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is not disturbing. I’ve seen worse music videos then that

  • Anonymous

    oh stfu, you wouldn’t be able to dance like he does. You have no life but to come here and bash the kid he already lived up to his mistakes he doesnt need ignorant people like you. What is disturbing about this is people like YOU who’s mom never taught to forgive.

  • Anonymous

    This is not disturbing he is a grown man whats
    disturbing is OU talking about how Mileys little sister is sexy or how Miley is not wearing a bra that disturbing

  • A

    Hmm, well.