Taylor Swift hit Joan’s on Third in West Hollywood on May 26. Corporal Josh Marreel uploaded a video to get Taylor’s attention to let her know that 22-year-old Sergeant Wade Wilson, a Marine killed in action in Afghanistan, was a huge fan of hers. Wade had a poster of Taylor in his bunk and really loved her music.

Taylor got the message, saw the video, and got Wade’s family on the phone and asked if it was OK if she wear his dog tags in her next music video. She also sent them flowers and a kind note thanking Wade for his love and support, saying that she’ll never forget him.

More pix HERE, HERE. Thx Kitty for a pic of Taylor’s note!

  • Tweetfreak

    This girl is just beyond amazing

  • Anonymous

    The nicest future cat lady celebrity in the world! Thank you, armed forces present and retired for your service and sacrifice. May we as citizens be as valiant in our behavior as you have been in your willingness to act on our behalf.

  • Anonymous

    hating on taylor would be like hating on a little cute puppy

  • Caity_Zoe

    I know Wades sister. They are so appreciative of what Taylor did. I plan on sending in the photo of the note she wrote on the flowers. R.I.P Wade. I only remember passing you in the hallways at school and cracking everyone up at the pep rally’s. But you were an amazing person and I know your sister and family will miss you so much.

  • Clauber