One Direction £10 Million Each For 3D Film

One Direction’s 3D film could make them £10 million each, reports The Sun. will appear in either a scripted comedy or a documentary featuring clips of the lads in concert. Harry: ‘The film could be exciting. My hair would be poking in your eye.’

Source: ‘It’s early days but it’s something that their management and label are excited about. It may be documentary footage mixed with a concert film, or it could even be a comedy caper in the style of old Monkees films.

All options are open, though they’re unlikely to get cracking on shooting it until next year. US film experts are speculating that the 1D film would be similar to Justin’s movie and will be a big money-spinner for the boys.’

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Liam Hemsworth is going to have to work a decade to get that kind of money! I think Miley’s marrying the wrong Liam.

  • SubwayToVenus

    3d movies suck ass.

  • Anonymous

    harry already said this is a rumour :)

  • Anonymous

    Not surprising that they are going to do a 3D movie, Cant they be original and not do things that have already been done before?? Its what you call lack of originality, but doesnt surprise me with Simon Cowell signing their checks!

  • Lorenb

    3D movies are a big attraction to people by living show. I love the genre and not surprised with its revenue.