Love Katy Perry? You’ll Love Her Movie!


She’s confident and she’s bold. She’s inspirational. Whether it’s her music or her fashion, Katy Perry never disappoints. Now you can join Katy in her down-time and learn what she’s like beyond the red carpet and out of the tabloids. A 3D motion picture event movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me is a backstage pass, front

row seat and intimate look at the fun, glamorous, heartbreaking, inspiring, crazy, magical, passionate, and honest mad diary of Katy. In her new film, Katy treats us to every aspect of her life where she is both refreshing and humble.

She truly motivates her fans to know that anything is possible, inspiring them to go after their dreams. Are you ready to go behind the scenes with Katy Perry? Be sure to check out her movie, only in theaters July 5. ~Sponsored post.

  • Anonymous

    idg why shes making a movie
    thats supposed to be for teen sensations who milk the cash cow quickly cuz they know they wont last over 5 minutes
    katy’s an established adult star…although she cant sing, tbh

  • Lilyenne Rose

    Well you can tell this website didn’t write that…it’s a positive message. I love when articles spread love and light…what a beautiful message that sends!! I don’t know who runs this site, and I don’t care but they seems vindictive and spiteful. I’d rather read a professional website.

  • Anonymous

    l0l advertisement much.

  • Anonymous

    What’s she going to do for publicity, if she doesn’t call the papz?

  • paty cyrus
  • Anonymous

    This movie will suck ass, just like she does.

  • Anonymous

    Can we please get a Katy Perry category?


    I like her and she doesnt suck ok hating ass! Deff gonna go watch this!

  • Anonymous

    Wonder how much Katy’s people paid OU for this ha

  • Anonymous

    I’ll watch this movie… I just think shes a little bizzare… ya know with the different hair color almost weekly….