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Can’t wait for Spring Breakers to come out, it should get a wide release!

With only 19, Selena Gomez is a mogul on the rise: a star of TV and music, a businesswoman in the fashion world, and as mate Justin Bieber is the envy of Beliebers everywhere. Now, with a path full of indie films on the horizon, it is becoming the new Hollywood It Girl. FULL Elle excerpts under if you missed it!

New old Tokyo pix HERE!

About how she reacts to the tension around him:
“I can not deal with confrontation in business, but I can fully confront someone who disrespects me personally. Jesse [his security] says I’m a true Latin woman. I can turn around very well. ”

About being the first Latina to star in a Disney TV series:
“Growing up, [teen idols] we are all blond, with blue eyes. I wanted to be. “I did not realize how important it was to represent my heritage and my culture to my relatives of Latin descent started talking to me. Then it flashed in my head. I represent a different generation a different culture. ”

About his relationship with Bieber:
“I’m glad I can say that there are things you do not know about us.”

About Bieber close the Staples Center for a unique session Titanic:
“If I share everything with you, is that it really is a romantic conviction. I just mentioned in the car – all I said was that wanted to see Titanic again, and then it happened. ”

About growing up being poor:
“I can remember about seven times that our car was stopped in the street because we get no money for fuel.” Still, his mother, “saved money to take me to shows. She took me to museums, aquariums, to teach me about the world, about what is real. ”

About Disney:
“Disney is a machine, so people automatically assume that you can not work for the channel unless you act, sing and dance and be willing to do it all. This is definitely not true. I always did everything the way I wanted to do. ”

About their offers for films:
“I was invited to teen movies, and I did. I made ​​no billionaire movie like Transformers, but not what I want to do well. ”

About Jennifer Lopez see herself in five years:
“I made ​​a bustier for a bikini and painted black. I put glitter all over it and did not take at all. “

  • thecat61

    Hate on Miley but suck up to Selena. OU WTF!!!! This site is turning into another HL.

  • Anonymous

    I would respect selena more if I felt like she really did ANYTHING on her own. She just comes off as very micro-managed like everything she says and does is planned and made to be a certain way.

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  • Anonymous

    She is the new IT girl, not the girl that smokes pot or is anorexic

  • gorgeousmileycyrus

    Lol. Since nobody cares to put a post on Selena’s posts which happen to be as irrelevent as she is, I thought i’d better get my two cents in.

    —— this girl is the biggest FAKE. She dates one of the gayest closet-boys in hollywood simply to stay relevent…

    She has no talent and is hanging by a thread.

    SHE IS UGLY TOO… her belly… yuck!

  • gorgeousmileycyrus

    lol. You can tell she’s trying so hard to suck in. ew. haha

  • Anonymous

    still waiting to see “sexy” pictures…
    let me know when you upload them

  • Spring Breakers

    New Elle Outtake of Selena Gomez!