Lily Collins Little Black Jacket SEXY


Lily Collins @ Chanel’s Little Black Jacket event at

the Swiss Institute in New York City. Photos: WENN.

  • Anonymous

    Shave yo eyebrows giirl!

  • N1996

    The girl looks okay. End of.

  • Shinysun

    I think the problem’s not her thick eyebrows, she is just not pretty. someone else with a good looking face would’ve rocked those eyebrows and I don’t like her outfit at all.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t find her pretty. At ALL.
    And idk why but to me she seems like a spoiled little bitch.

    The only reason she gets roles in movies is because of her father

  • Anonymous

    Your story lost all credibility with “slut”. Not with those eyebrows.

  • :(

    Heard she’s a bitch. Tries to be Miss Goody Two shoes in public then in real like she’s a rich, rude , and from I also hear a slut

  • Anonymous

    she’s a decent looking girl, but she always dresses so frumpy. if her pr wants her to be a promoter of fashion at fashion shows, they need to get her a stylist quick.

  • Anonymous

    Her eyebrows are not that bad. I noticed her lower lip sticking out more than I did her eyebrows. It looks like a bee stung it and it’s swollen.

  • xAskTaylorx

    Her eyebrows are keeping her from her beauty. =$

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  • Anonymous


  • A,C


  • realistgangsta

    ewww she is not cute

  • Anonymous

    alot of people hate her eyebrows and i too have thick dark eyebrows that i was inscure about my whole life and got made fun of. but because of her and how beautiful she is im so much more confident bout my eyebrows because she rocks it, and works it. im proud because honestly, thin super arched eyebrows are way scarier ps. some of the worlds most beautiful models have thicker brows….