Chris Brown Don’t Wake Me Up VIDEO

  • AnON123

    oh my fuckingg God he is so SEXY and this Video is BEAUTIFUL

  • Anonymous

    I think I would’ve like this song a bit better if he cut back a little on the autotune. He has a nice voice, he can sing, he doesn’t need it. Still a good song overall.

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    Get this asshole off this website, please.

  • Anonymous

    Live.Love.Learn. said:
    Get this asshole off this website, please.
    shut up you rude ass niggah.

  • Anonymous

    ur too u make it seem like he kill ur mother chill the fuck out and get off the website

  • realistgangsta

    chris come on you can do better then this ”i cant get jiggy with this shit!!!”

  • Anonymous

    love it! Chris is so hot! <3

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