Miley Cyrus Zac Efron Hot Bodies 2012


Miley Cyrus, Julianne Hough, Zac Efron, Rihanna, Chris Hemsworth

and Rihanna made 12 HOT BODIES OF 2012 list.

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  • UKnowULuvMe

    Well that’s not an embarassing pic of Zac…

  • Anonymous

    that pic of Zac :D

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take Joe over him ANY day!

  • Anonymous

    I thought Zac Efron was cute when he was in 17 again and I the HSM movies, I find him unattractive now. But omg Chris Hemsworth <3

  • gorgeousmileycyrus


    Miley made the list and Selena the Skank didn’t!

  • Anonymous

    umm first off what is he foing itching his thing out in the open. ATTENTION! he wanted it and he got it…….

    he is still sexy

  • Anonymous

    Is he itching his dick?

    Clap? o___O

  • damselchelle

    Is he itching his dick?