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Britney Spears and Demi Lovato are become X-Factor BFFs, reports Us. The judges secretly chose a word before each contestant performed and then tried to use it during their critiques. The more difficult the word, the better. ‘Every time one of them said the word, they all started giggling like naughty school children.’

Britney started the game by choosing the word ‘tiger.’ Judge L.A. Reid, 56, told one contestant ‘he looks like a tiger in his tank,’ which a giggling Demi followed up by saying, ‘I can see a little tiger action. Britney and Lovato had trouble keeping a straight face and were laughing uncontrollably.

Demi chose the word ‘umbrella.’ Walsh told the contestant, ‘You remind me of Rihanna, that ‘Umbrella’ girl.’ Demi then told her, ‘You’re the umbrella to my rain.’ Britney: ‘You’re my umbrella to everything.”

‘Britney and Demi are getting along great. Whenever they aren’t filming, Demi and Britney are chatting and hanging out.. They are seriously bonding big time. It’s nice to see.’

  • Anonymous

    that and glee airs on my b-day ha ha score

  • Anonymous

    Demi is so fucking cute

  • Jinxx.

    ugh it’s so far away. I’m definitely watching this. I wish it aired it Australia, I’m surprised it doesn’t. American idol does.
    I’ll have to hope people put links up to the episodes online.

    I feel like this show is gonna make me love Demi lol. she seems like she’s bringing a lot of fun to this. should be good.

  • SwagonYou

    I totally can’t wait to Watch this show . Seems like its gonna so much fun n awesome to watch. I’m not a fan of x factor . But I totally wanna watch this . Hahaha lol

  • l?veislouder

    James said:

    Britney should’ve said, “You’re the umbrella to my car.”
    From the sound of it, the contestant did well, and that kind of comment would be more appropriate for a contestant who did not do so well… actually, it would be inappropriate regardless, but I digress.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather be a blind faithful & loyal fan than be filled with such hate for someone who I don’t know (however I have met her and she was anything but fake or rude). I met her by accident more than once and had nothing to do with her career and she was incredible nice even though she wasn’t feeling do great.

    Btw Demi has a great sense of humor maybe you just don’t know that kind of humor.

  • Anonymous

    it airs a day before the new season of Glee!

  • Anonymous

    No. She doesn’t have a good sense of humor. I’m not hating on her. I’m just saying that whenever she tires being funny, she FAILS. I’ve read her tweets, and I groan at every one of them.

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  • Anonymous

    Does anyone remember that this game was suggested by Miley to Demi when demi said she had tons of interviews the next day???

    Miley said via twitter that she did that with her friends one suggested a word and she had to use during the interview!

  • Anonymous

    Okay…i guess she’s off drugs and everything. She looks happy and healthy lately and Niall loves her. I love her now and i think i’m actually going to watch the TXF because it looks like she’s what’s making it FUN . :)

  • Anonymous

    i’m glad demi is finally off drugs & alcohol, she looks really good lately

  • iloveyouux

    Demi’s hair…nagl.

    Glad she seems happier though.

  • Anonymous

    Sure they’re getting along..

    Then again they are both crazy bipolar.

  • unique

    LMAO at demi and simon

  • Satan

    Demi looks SO good with her hair up, idk what some people are seeing

    Glad it’s working out for her and brit

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  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahaha. That made me LOL.

  • James

    Britney should’ve said, “You’re the umbrella to my car.”

  • Anonymous

    Cute! Can’t wait to see it.

  • Anonymous

    A fan made a cartoon / drawing of Demi and Britney, you look gorgeous!

    I’m glad demi is happy :)