1D Olympic Closing Ceremony Perform?

One Direction is rumored to close the 2012 London Olympics performing “What Makes You Beautiful.”

The Daily Star reports that 1D will be joined in the Olympic Stadium by a thousand flash mob dancers who will dance alongside them. Their source continued, “The main theme of the Olympic closing ­ceremony will be celebrating the best of British music, so it’s only right that One Direction are opening the show. They are the UK’s biggest music ­export at the moment behind Adele, who is also ­rumoured to be involved in some way. It’s all top secret and the boys aren’t allowed to talk about it but they are thrilled. It isn’t every day you get the instant exposure of performing in front of a billion people… To perform in their home country’s Olympic ­ceremony is like winning their very own gold medal.”Source

Do YOU think they will perform at the closing of the 2012 Olympics?