Demi Lovato X Factor San Fran Auditions


Super QT TBQH. Good to see her happy & healthy! :]

Fan Meeting from @KellyMeetingKC: I went to the X factor in Oakland CA. I waited off to the side and got a really good shot of Demi walking in to the stadium. She was so sweet throughout the whole show and such a good judge. Even through the breaks she took the time out to take pictures and sign autographs with fans unlike LA reid or Britney. Overall she was really sweet!

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  • AnonymousRocks

    no. she’s actually insanely nice.

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    you people are fucking ignorants.
    she’s NOT fake.
    if you don’t like her, gtfo.
    fat? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH, good one.
    if she’s fat than wow, being fat is actually hot.

  • XoLovaticoX

    ^THIS <3

  • Violet95

    lol Demi and LA at the end

  • Anonymous

    Demi is so sweet and funny lol and i love her relationships between the judges and also the fact that she seems to being having fun on the XFactor.

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    fake girl

  • Anonymous

    lol the ending is so cute

  • Aaron

    lol la’s and demi’s relationship lolz they are too funny

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    Demi and LA Reid seem so lovely. Britney looks a mess :(

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    What the fuck is your problem? She never said she got over her eating disorder, in her MTV special she said she still struggles with cutting and her eating disorder. She’s not fat. If you were a true fan you would NEVER call her that. If you were a decent human being you would never call her that. Of course she’s going to drink, she’s a teenager. What teenagers don’t? I think you’re the one with the problem. GROW UP.

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    She is nasty dont lile her anymore she has lied to her fans if u have a disorder u never get rid of it and even u lost weight u never ever feel good about yourself to show off any part of your body and she is nasty fat whore who would sleep with anythi.g and she still drinks so that also is a lie sje ne er will change a whore and a liar she will always be and u need.tostop wearing dresses you have too fat of legs for. Them u skank whore u pissed me off for lying to us fans

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    What is Demi trying to look trashier than Brittney not only the awful blonde hair now it has pink on the ends!!! The can get away with unusual clothes if the rest of you looks classy but weird clothes awful hair bad combination. Now this is coming not from a hater but someone who thinks Demi is gorgeous and talented just dont think this look is doing anything for her at all.