Selena Gomez Supports Bieby @ Signing


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  • Zayn

    Does she always need to go where he goes all time
    Yes because it is in their CONTRACT. :)


  • Sunshine n Lolipops

    ~ Normal People Doing Abnormal Things ~

    Girlfriend watches boyfriend play baseball, exhibit at an art show, sing at an open mike in real life Nobody Cares

    Selena watches Biebs do anything and they are accused of all sorts of nonsense and hated upon

    I say – you two are awesome – you be you :)

  • Anonymous

    Nice pictures – : ))

  • Ranii


  • Anonymous

    Does she always need to go where he goes all time

  • Anonymous

    Does she neen to go where he goes all the time. Apparently u are full of shit, one, she is not everywhere he goes, two and if she were it would be none of ur business, they are together and can do what makes them happy. And it seems after ur stupid comment u have obviously never been in love because u would know that one feels they have to be together always, love does that for you. Why do people have to be nasty about this two? I dont read the same comments about venessa and the butler guy, or Miley and Liam! After how long will pile get it in their fucking heads that they are together and get over it. Their careers often keep them apart for long, it is natural to spend every free time together when the chance arises? All of you haters make me so mad I wish u all go go jump off a plane and die!

  • Anonymous

    well yeah, i bet you would, if you can only see him on a few days, i mean they cant see each other alot because there in different places, when they hang out its not even alot, so yes she has to go everywhere with him.

  • Anonymous

    omg clam the fuck down please i was just saying no need to get snappy ffs

  • Anonymous

    All of you haters make me so mad I wish u all go go jump off a plane and die!

    I kinda wish you were flying the plane! Put you out of your misery.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing these pictures of Selena (who is aunaturale) and Bieber who is caked up with makeup, I think the real stars getting the money are the makeup artists, the hair stylists, and the clothes stylists. They seem to be the real talent, and they don’t even have to use auto-tune to make their work good.

  • Anonymous

    his wife beater with sleeves and gay vest thing is seriously starting to get to me
    seriously justin wear something different

  • dilemma

    o.u you make it seem like he’s going to fucking Iraq