Ashley Tisdale @ Studio in STUDIO CITY


Ashley Tisdale at a studio in Studio City, CA. She is set to star in Scary Movie 5. Do YOU think her character will be killed?

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  • Anonymous

    Your kidding right? Scream series is a huge franchise. Might be just a slasher flick, but its made HUGE money for the people involved. And she is doing a series now, as well as movies, and running a production company. I think She is doing just fine

  • NevermindThisBitch

    The movie is called Scream 5… and not Scary Movie 5… get your sources right OceanUP!

  • Anonymous

    IT IS Scary Movie 5 you douchebag. Get YOUR sources right, god.

  • Anonymous

    I hope so…

  • Anonymous

    Also it’s going to be a huge success. And bring her far as an actress, comedy is her thing.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe she’s doing that movie. Does she not get any other offers anymore or something?