Bieber vs Fallon AWESOMENESS Faceoff

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  • Shameme Adams

    Ha ha ha…so funny!!. And did anyone else notice that puppet? when they were playing the video game?…ha ha…so cute!. I like Jimmy but I LOVE Justin. SO much infact I even have a Facebook group I set up to meet him ‘CAMPAIGN FOR SHAMEME ADAMS TO MEET JUSTIN BIEBER’!. All I can do is try. I’m a girl who has a life-threatening illness and this is my ultimate dream. It’s proving hard (as expected) but I #BELIEVE and #NEVERSAYNEVER….may just come true one of these days. I’ll always keep my GSOH and Justin in my heart!. x

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  • Anonymous

    this… is not… real

    omg i refuse to believe this is real life right now. cant.

  • Anonymous

    get your tickets now lol

  • Anonymous

    ‘Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy, meanwhile, thinks for a second when I ask at what age he first noticed that his own son had talents that were perhaps unusual. “Around three,” he decides. “That’s when he started playing drums, and reciting books and the Bible and whatnot. So he was special right way – he could read really early as well. And recite things – his memory is incredible.”’

    lol told you justin is actually really, really smart. early reading is one of the first signs of giftedness in kids. just cuz his words come out all wrong, doesn’t mean he’s not intelligent. it means he doesn’t read books. plus, how good he is at sports, and how unfocused he is in school makes me think his kinesthetic giftedness is super high:

    sooooo, in other words, hi haters :)

  • Anonymous

    but, then again, it takes one to know one, so i see why y’all are confused lol jk

  • Miley101

    Omg hahahahah that was funny…
    Its good to see famous people with a sence of humor

  • Anonymous

    Juice break! Lol and jimmy is totally more awesome then justin

  • Anonymous

    Love Jimmy, he’s the greatest.

  • Anonymous

    hahha justin is the ebst hes the swag man.. who am i kidding justin new kind of swag

  • Jackie

    Jimmy is the best!!