• Anonymous

    Selena blurred out Justin’s NBC special


  • Anonymous

    Sooo they fucked the same Asian girl hmm well that’s Just lovely… There mom must be so proud

  • Anonymous

    well, I’m sure Vanessa isn’t crying out loud for that

  • Anonymous

    Jun 24, 2012 @ 10:26 am
    Anonymous said:
    Their into and attracted to girls who are sluts so its funny they choose Selena over Vanessa

    maybe they think she is a virgin or they’re atracted to young looking girls

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  • Anonymous

    Their into and attracted to girls who are sluts so its funny they choose Selena over Vanessa

    maybe they think she is a virgin or they’re atracted to young looking girls
    we all know selena sleeps around she probably did them when she was over there!

  • Anonymous

    see, it’s articles like this that continue to prove what a sham “spring breakers” is. give 3 “clean-cut”, young starlets the ~opportunity~ to work with an ~amazing~ director and do an ~edgy~ role, that will ~distance them from their public image and allow them to be seen a more versatile and prooove themselves~~~~.

    and what do you get? you get THIS:

    why is it that the only “opportunity” for these young girls to prove themselves is to be in bikinis for the better part of the entire movie, in which they are shown partying, raunchy dancing, taking drugs, and having sex? you pump their young heads full of all these promises and dreams of “breaking out of their disney image” and getting to do amazing, challenging roles with esteemed individuals, and suddenly you have a cast full of eager girls willing to ANYTHING on screen.\

    this is the very definition of exploitative. to manipulate someone’s vulnerability and desperation to make it in hollywood into doing debaucherous things on screen, all under the guise of being “artistic” and edgy and indy and every other buzzword that would convince them that this is a sound career pursuit that they are lucky to be a part of.

  • Anonymous

    are their no roles available for selena gomez to challenge herself with her clothes on? did shia lebeuf have to pander to the male gaze in order to become mainstream successful? no, because he’s male, for one, and because he is talented, for two. but, an example of taking a risk in the name of art, would be dakota fanning in “hounddog”.

    the controversy with “hounddog” was that dakota was very young, being allowed to shoot a rape sceen. the difference between this and “spring breakers”? dakota’s sceen was a catalyist for the story. with “spring breakers”, it’s the complete other way around. the PLOT is the excuse to have four girls get naked and do things that all of the sleezy men who were a part of it no doubt got off on bhind the sceens, and in the editting room while they laugh at how they suckered these girls into thinking this would help them to “be somebody”.

    did no one on Team Selena think this through before giving her the go ahead to sign on? it’s understandable that a 19 year old wouldn’t be this insightful, but how about her 40 yr old momager? here’s a tip for selena… sweetheart, if you really want a shot at longetivity and respect, GET INTO ACTING CLASSES. WORK YOUR ASS OFF. DO THEATER!!! if you can make it in theater, you are a good actor. film is easy compared to theater. THOSE are the real thespians in the world.
    stay away from the wolves in sheep’s clothing who promise you all kinds of amazing things. because, while you are still struggling to find your way, they already have exactly all of what they wanted you for. and it’s not your “talent”.

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    (sick) http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6360nUfsk1qdqsu0o1_500.jpg


    i would NEVER consent to my daughter being involved in what basically boils down to a soft core porno. look what selena now has to look forward to seeing online for the rest of her life, all because she was in a movie CREATED for sickos… your intentions may be pure of heart, but you never know someone’s else true motivation. use your common sense next time, mom.



  • Very Confused

    How old are these guys? Wtf. They look 30 in the face, at least.

  • Anonymous

    those photos are photoshopped so stfu she is only wearing a bikini

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    lol it’s obvious those twins are legit crackheads!

    Vanessa >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Selena


  • Anonymous

    They’re into and attracted to girls who are sluts so its funny they choose Selena over Vanessa


  • Anonymous

    I’ll bet that’s Sel’s ass cheeks they’re smelling.

  • Anonymous

    Their into and attracted to girls who are sluts so its funny they choose Selena over Vanessa

  • joejonassmile

    ughhh Im gonna throw up :sick:

  • javi

    Man this guys are awesome

  • jadaxonickj

    da fuck?

  • rocio92

    this two are so disgusting, I wonder what kind of girl is glad to be with them

  • Anonymous

    ew why would anyone sleep with them

  • Anonymous

    I thought they were bad before I read the article… Disgusting. It’s despicable the way they speak about women.

  • exoticmist

    They seem charming.

  • Anonymous


  • SoRawSUgAr

    They look like they belong to the chav union and are living on council tax -eyeroll- I know they’re America…(I think) but whatever…disgusting.