Victoria Justice Max Schneider Bruno Mars

  • kailaaa

    I lovee this songg! Vic sounds amazing! she never manages to let downn her fand

  • kailaaa


  • Casey12

    Love them both where r they having the concerts?

  • Anonymous

    thats so weird i went to camp with max… damn they’re both so talented

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Victoria looks amazing and beautiful! They sound great together i cant wait for the tour!!!!

  • Anonymous

    First comment! hehe
    Just wanted to say that I’m in love with Max and he deserves so much more fame because he is sooo talented!
    And he is really hot as well, you just have to look at a few images of him on Google :P
    Lots of love to everyone from Spain :)

  • Terrence

    Victoria is so talented! She sounded so great in this video! I would love to see her do more covers!

  • Andrew

    An amazing medley Victoria killed it she is so beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Kurt <3

  • A

    Its soo good!! :)

  • Anonymous

    that guy is a good singer but she really isnt that talented in singing. better than average but way too bad to have a voice based singing career.
    the medley is really good

  • Anonymous

    this is so great! Can’t wait for the tour.

  • Danielle Paige

    The production, the singing, the instruments, & the way the voices click together so amazingly makes for this to be a beautiful medley. Victoria justice is beautiful & amazing! & Max & kurt are so talented!

  • Didi

    They both sound amazing im so excited 2 see them in Philly! Victoria ur gorgeous