Allstar Weekend Life As We Know It Video

  • Anonymous

    Now that they’re getting older i feel they have the right to do what they want. They are no longer Disney and are allowed to do the kind of music they’ve wanted to do. They’re a great band, with great music. They are trying to have fun and it looks like they are. This is real life. This is what happens with people their age. I love this video.

  • StephAllstar

    If this is what happens when a Disney band is no longer a Disney band, I really wanna know what the Jonas Brothers have in store for us :D

    Cant wait for their Summer Love Tour <3 :)

  • Anonymous

    i hope that they feel proud of themselves advertising sex and drugs to their preteen fans !and then when you confront them they just give you attitude on twitter ! im just so happy we have bands that promote being innocent like the Jonas brother who also have talent unlike this girl group with no talent !!

  • taylorsromeo

    Oh god someone stop them!

  • Anonymous

    you guys are ridiculous. they took the wrong step too fast. They went from doing “Blame it on December” which is a cute video to this? And im sorry but i have finally start to realize they kind of arent good musicians. Zach worships Bruce but this is what he comes up with? Hollywood dosent need more frat boys with catchy idiotic lyrics and drugs. I was a fan until this video. #soberissexy

  • Anonymous

    Selena likes to party with them!

  • Anonymous

    such a huge step in the right direction for these boys!

    they could go on to do big things if they just got the right promotion!!!!

    LOVE THEM! :)

  • Anonymous

    btw thanks for putting them up OU! you could help them out alot by promoting them :D

  • SahyLQvSWh

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  • Anonymous

    love it!!