Justin Bieber Very Hot Beach Photo Shoot


Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Anonymous

    Remember when he called her out? haha http://bit.ly/KICEol

  • Anonymous


  • Gaga

    Since going to Lady Gaga’s Concert on Tuesday, everyone on OU seems just like little wannabe stars.

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  • Taylor Swift

    This fetus is so pathetic. He’s fading fast now…

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Swift said:
    This fetus is so pathetic. He’s fading fast now…

    number one album in 40 countries, biggest selling album opening of 2012, sold out north american tour in 15 minutes, 300,000 people in the audience in mexico city………..

    i can see why you’re mad.

  • Anonymous

    speaking of the us tour… it’s pretty uncool that they are skipping sooo many cities this time around. i wonder if there will be a second leg.

  • Anonymous


    lmao this interview is a messsss. pressed justin is the best justin tbh. :)

    lol remember that dog bayler?

  • Anonymous

    this one is much better

    http://bieber-news.com/post/26143253669 the stanky leg lol