oceanUP Interview with Olly Murs


An oceanUP Interview with Olly Murs at Sayer’s club in Los Angeles, CA. His album comes out September 25th, be sure to pick it up and his single Heart Skips A Beat is out now! You can catch him on tour with One Direction.

  • Anonymous

    Bent over and waiting, I see. I’d talk to his agent, seems like John Travolta is doing the interviewing.

  • Anonymous

    lol at his last tweet to harry http://bit.ly/KICEol

  • You’reMyKryptonite

    I really hope he makes it big here in the US, he’s great!

  • Anonymous

    Ollyyy who? Aha. Should stick to presenting, he’s charismatic and charming but who can forget his terrible Brits performance

  • Anonymous

    Got the opportunity to see him live a couple of weeks ago. This guy definitely knows how to put on a show. So energetic.

  • adorkabledanni

    Ahhh! I love him. He’s so great live. I recommend everyone check out his song “Dance with me tonight.”

  • Anonymous

    Hope he does well here in the US. Seems like a really good guy