Selena Gomez Hotel Transylvania Delight


Selena told Collider: ‘To be honest, I’m actually not that great with animation because I feel like sometimes it’s harder to act with your voice than to act with your actual self. But, this was such a great experience and everyone was wonderful to work with. It was a good thing for me to do, in that area, because I was doing a couple movies that were out of my comfort zone. I felt this was a nice way to go back to that.

Adam Sandler is awesome! He’s so cool! He was there for almost all of my sessions. He was really nice. He would be a cool dad. He’s somebody who’s really funny and just makes everybody laugh.’

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    But this is the best hair that she has ever had Looks better long right?

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  • Anonymous

    she looks like khloe kardashian

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    ugh selena adam IS a dad.

  • justthat

    beautiful in different style<3

  • Anonymous

    That hairstyle enhances her blow cheeks.

  • Anonymous

    shes stunning!

  • Anonymous

    flawless mamacita :D

  • Anonymous

    love how sel can look gorgeous and sexy without even try!

  • Selena237

    Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. :OO <33


    Selena gained weight¡¡ but she still looks beautiful.

  • oceanUP

    Selena gained weight¡¡ but she still looks beautiful.

    most people look better plumper..

  • Clauber

    I dont like the orange shirt but shes gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    Adam Sandler was there all the time because he didn’t trust Selena’s acting abilities.

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