Demi Lovato On Skyping W/ /Niall ‘He Eats’

‘They think Niall and I flirt while talking on Skype but in reality all he does is eat in front of the camera. We’ve become really close friends, and I’m really grateful that I have someone who supports me in all aspects. If I need someone to talk to, he’s there. But we’re not dating, I’m single.’ More 1D videos under!

  • hajar bessal

    but i wanna hear her say that they don’t flirt and he just eats in front of the camera it’s not in this interview tho :(

  • Maggie

    NO WAY IN PART ONE MINUTE 8:08 DANIELLE IS DANCING IN THE BACK! lmfao okay i feel special because i noticed that ahhaha :D

  • Anonymous

    PR couple!!!! Fame whores.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    PR couple!!!! Fame whores.


    Sad to say, but yeah, THIS. Or Demi at least…

  • Anonymous

    this chick is “close friends” with everyone who takes a liking to her….

  • Anonymous

    Diall is so cuteee! Niall really cares about her you can tell by what she said in the interview awww :)

  • Jinxx.

    lol, Niall and his food.

  • Tami


  • Smilerz

    Aww I’m glad they’ve found each other. But don’t lie to us

    But we’re not dating, I’m single.

  • Anonymous

    He wants the pussy.


    He wants the pussy.

    Pretty much every guy wants the pussy yeah, but Niall is still a virgin lol (: Harry said in an interview that Niall dreams dirty things about Demi lmao ^^

  • BrokenArrow


  • Anonymous

    umm.. oceanup, you need to search your info better next time. demi has NEVER said the first sentence. it was made up by a niall fan as a joke because he’s in love with food. they’re always making jokes like that. demi has never said that. idk why it’s the title.

  • Anonymous

    but would niall actually be there for her all the time if he wasn’t so crazy about her? that’s the question. i mean as a friend, not a guy who’s trying so hard to get her. but that’s sweet of him, anyway. i guess he would be able to handle her. and i’m glad demi is taking time by herself and just focusing on herself for the first time.

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