Lucy Hale Fifty Shades Of Grey ROLE?

Lucy Hale told MTV: ‘I’m on ‘Fifty Shades Darker. I get flustered even talking about it, so yeah, I’m on that train.. People have said that, but people have also said [I could play] the little sister, which I think could make sense, because I look a little young for Ana, but God, what a big role to take on,” she said. “I’m really curious to see how it’s all going to [play out].

I definitely am ready to take a step and do something a bit more risky, absolutely, but it’s a fine line. I don’t know what that fine line is, but I’m definitely ready to explore a darker side of my acting abilities.’ Would her parents go see her in it?

‘No, they would be banned! My father, I don’t even know. My mom, she’s always been sort of really understanding, but my dad, even when he watches [‘Pretty Little Liars’], he will be like, ‘All right, I saw that scene with you and Ezra..’ and I’m like, ‘Dad, come on!’ So it’s still kind of like that, but I’m his little baby girl, so I get it.’

  • Anonymous

    she’s so adorable. her dad sounds funny. I wouldn’t want my dad to watch me act in 50 shades either.

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  • Anonymous

    she would be perfect! shes young but shes also an excellent actress.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love her in pretty little liars! She will be great in anything that she does!

  • Anonymous


  • Jessica

    omg yeah! she would be perfect for Mia!!

  • Anonymous

    never seen her but she sounds nice

  • Lilabelle

    NONONONONONONONO. I love her, but not for Ana’s role. She’d be perfect for Mia’s role though. But not for Ana’s. I don’t know. She simply doesn’t seem to fit it well. Plus, not wanting to sound mean, but Ana’s described as a reaaaaaally skinny girl. Though i know actors lose/gain weight for specific roles, i still don’t consider her suitable for that role. She’s a good actress, anyways.

  • A.C.

    I thought she was working on her debut country album, now she wants to make her first big screen appearance basically doing pornography? What a waste to make the cuteness and innocence disappear from her face.