‘Lucy Hale Sounds Like Carrie Underwood’


Sugarland’s Kristian Bush told CMT: ‘Lucy Hale sounds like Carrie [Underwood], strong with a blues side and a pop side to it. And a lot like Faith [Hill]. As she gets more comfortable, her voice will get even stronger, and you’ll hear more powerhouse stuff, but stylistically she lives in that range.’ On her songwriting: ‘She has a really good grasp of her own story she wants to tell of growing up in Memphis. Lucy is a natural.’

They spent a couple of days together in Bush’s studio last week crafting some songs for her debut country album. Lucy said that since she’s always kept a journal and has done some writing in poetry form, she took the starts of ideas with her to her session with Bush. ‘It was a really cool collaboration, because we drew things from each other.’

  • Ashton Lane

    Great! Carrie is such an amazing live performer and vocalist… Rock On Lucy, can’t wait to hear the single…

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  • AnqgnJFhpT

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  • BrokenArrow

    Carrie is unique!.
    I cant wait to hear her music tho.

  • Anonymous

    Freaking love this girl and I’m OBSESSED with pretty little liars <3

  • Anonymous

    She is flawless I can’t wait to hear her voice! I love her in pll and she said singing was her first love so this is bound to be great!

  • Anonymous

    She’s so cute

  • Anonymous


  • Jinxx.

    I actually saw a YouTube video of her singing when she was like… 11? 12? I’m not sure how old she was. it was okay.
    her mum seemed like a real stage mum tho, which was annoying.

  • Anonymous

    She will make it big in Country Music, mainly because she’s incredibly beautiful. And if (as they are saying) she sounds like Carrie Underwood, she’ already got it made.

  • Live.Love.Learn.