• BrokenArrow

    I think she should wear a bra. It doesnt look good when your nipples are sticking out. It look gross imo.

  • threelittlebirds

    Anonymous said:
    I don’t get how she puts her hair in a bun if it’s so short
    it’s not that hard. my hair is about the same length and it fits in a bun.

  • Anonymous

    AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT NOTICED THE CUTS ON HER WRIST?? LOOK AT THE ARM WITH THE WRITING TATTOO http://mileygallery.net/displayimage.php?album=2162&pid=139485#top_display_media

  • Anonymous

    so shes over the ‘wild child’ phase and into the skater phase now?!

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  • Anonymous

    she is so annoying and she needs to put on a damn bra. her nips are sticking out and she looks like trash. plus she has cuts on her wrists, which is for attention.

  • Anonymous

    thank you. I thought i was the only one here thinking the skate obsession is getting lame. she gets so obsessed with everything… she will soon be wearing dc shoes and big clothes

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  • Anonymous

    where can i get those shorts?!

  • mersememe
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  • cyrus_jg

    she looks younger :)

  • Anonymous

    @TheStraightShooter — Your a annoying. These two are adorable!!!!! Who gives a shit if she’s not wearing a bra.

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  • Anonymous

    she already said something about vans being the best shoe’s … and wanting every color… like … for real? sweetheart you are 19 years old… getting into VANS and skating is something you do when you are in middle school maybe high school.. not when you are 19, engaged and have nothing better to do. smh

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get how she puts her hair in a bun if it’s so short :p


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  • Anonymous

    Awhhh nick is probably jealous

  • Anonymous

    miley looks so tiny

  • TheStraightShooter

    They are annoying.

  • Anonymous



  • JustxLeex

    is she again not wearing a damn bra?

  • Anonymous

    It’s none of our damn business and by the way I read on the internet that bra’s make your boobs droup more than actually not wearing one so if perkys whats shes goin for then she’s on the right track

  • Anonymous

    They are so cuuuuutttte together !!!

  • Anonymous

    TheStraightShooter said:
    They are annoying.
    No actually you know what’s annoying people like you !

  • Anonymous

    aww they are one gorgeous couple. they are so cute doing normal stuff.