Joe Jonas Gloria Estefan LIVE DUET

  • OhMy…

    OMG He’s so hot!!! I’m latina and I can say, he has some good moves, he just didn’t really know what to do but he was good!! He’s soo cute!

  • aregregr
  • Jinxx.

    that video where joe surprises jordan looks good, I just couldn’t understand it cause of the quality and the screaming lol. looking forward to it.

  • Anonymous

    i love him :) omg i just died with his dancing :3 i wish i was there so muchhhhh.

  • Anonymous

    Joe is sooooo sexy! He sounds as perfect as his looks! :)

  • lohanthony

    look ath is face like ewwww he is so basic. you are not famous baby, joe you suck

  • Anonymous

    he’s amazing. love it!!!!!

  • RoxyJonasMonroe

    joe dancing salsa with gloria salsa!! OMG look sexy

  • Anonymous


    buy a life

    you just to be behind a keyboard does not make you more famous than joe

  • Anonymous

    lohanthony : What a poor irrelevant hater you are.
    Your life must be really pathetic if all you do is hate on someone that has a life and is living his dreams while you’re just sitting with your fatass behind a computer being a fucking loser.
    I feel sorry for you.