Ariana Grande Victoria Justice TCA 2012


PR Photos.

  • Colleen

    Victoria looks so pretty! Love her dress, love her hair, loveeee her. <3

  • exoticmist

    Victoria looks amazing! Ariana looks cute, but she always looks the same at events.

  • Anonymous

    Awkward victoria and demi present miranda together. victoria is the one who said demi practically stoled joe from here. she said as her and joe were talking all of a sudden he was out in puiblic with demi so she felt she got played.

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  • Daniella Paige

    I think Victoria looks classy & beautiful & over all stunning. Not only was she better dressed then arianna, but she was better dressed then all the teenage starlets.

  • Didi

    VICTORIA Ur gorgeous I cant imagine any other girls want to stand next 2 u!!! You outshine ALL…..

  • Anonymous

    You incorrectly tagged Ariana Grande as “Adrienne Bailon”.

  • Anonymous


  • Miley_Jonas

    They both looks freaking amazing <3. Victoria is so gorgeous. She makes me so jealous.

  • Bernardo

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  • Carla

    Victoria looks amazing! That dress is so pretty and breezy. But WTF is Ariana wearing?

  • BrokenArrow

    Cutie pie

  • Anonymous

    I like Ariana Grande a lot, but I wish she would stop wearing these cutesy little baby doll dresses all the time

  • Anonymous

    I agree! Maybe its the only style that looks good on her????? Victoria withher model good looks appears amazing in everything!!!

  • slickivickij

    I think Victoria looks amazing as always! Her outfits are always so different from other ones she wears yet she always manages to look gorgeous in them!

  • sm

    They both look good but i think Victoria looks classier :D

  • Alexis

    Stunning! Victoria never ceases to amaze me <3

  • Abby

    gorgeous, victoria your are absolutely stunning
    i loveeeee your outfit. so classy!!!

  • Clara

    victoria, your smile is beautiful!!
    gorgeous dress. stay perfect ;)

  • Casey12

    Victoria looks so AMAZING!!!! She has the best legs. Ariana needs a new stylist she always looks the same and those clunky heels….are those the only ones she owns?????

    I still love you VICTORIOUS cast