Victoria Justice Max Schneider Medley

Victoria teamed up with fellow Nickelodeon star Max Schneider for an amazing Maroon 5 Medley. The video was taped as a LIVE lyric video and was filmed with all of her friends.

  • NandaFizzy

    Max always sounds amazing, love him ^.^

  • AniteNexAcibe

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  • Christine

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  • Daniela paige

    This is so amazing! Victoria sounds amazing & so does max! Such a good job!

  • Casey12

    Victoria looks amazing in those jeans!!!!!! Max is cute also but Victoria is GORGEOUS. She sounds great. The director is brilliant!

  • wadoblooxia
  • Anonymous


  • GoldenGirlJr.

    this is so late, oceanup.

  • slickivickij

    I absolutely loved this medley it was amazing

  • Abby

    omg this is amazing
    VICTORIA!!! you are beautiful…gorgeous singing :)

  • Colleen

    Victoria sounds so great! Such a good medley!

  • Anonymous

    He is very cute and has an amazing voice. She is very talented, but her voice is not my kind of female voice. Just a matter of taste, though, cause she is a great singer and a nice person.

  • Anonymous

    they also did a bruno mars medley which was also amazing!!!

  • sm

    i love this! they both sound so great and victoria looks so cute, as always!

  • Sasha

    they sound so good! i love vic – she can sing anything!