Kevin Jonas FLORENCE ITALY Meeting


Thx Camilla!

  • thankyoujoseph

    the second video (the ‘ohhstyles’ one) it’s mine.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see Nick on AI. Nick is plenty fun when he needs to be. He’s not as boring as people make him out to be. Plus, he’s very talented and will be able to give great constructive criticism. I also don’t see how this will delay Jobro music. This can only help their new album. They can just release the album towards the end of the year and tour after the season finale. Did anyone actually expect a tour before that? I’m sure Nick could fit in promo for the album and events in between tapings, too.

  • SOFAuqVlkz

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  • Anonymous

    Now why couldnt he have been there when I was there? Atleast I could of met one jobro.

  • oceanUP

    kevin should be on ai!!

  • Anonymous

    kevin is more charismatic >>>>>>>>> nick is boring

    but kevin is only danielle danielle danielle. he can’t living without danielle

  • oavgsYlmKS

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  • Anonymous

    Kevin is soooooooo creepy!