Cymphonique Sweet 16 Birthday Party Pix


On Friday, July 27 How To Rock star Cymphonique Miller celebrated her Sweet 16 Birthday with family, friends, and fans. Held at the lavish Greystone Manor in Los Angeles, California. Cymphonique arrived with her dad Master P wearing a yellow embroidered Versace dress and Versace heels, she accessorized with long flowing gold, cross earrings and Hello Kitty nails.

  • Anonymous

    bella looks pretty and not too dressy. i like her hair now. she looks better.


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  • Jackie


  • Anonymous

    never heard of them, seriously, who are them?

  • Anonymous

    Btw… she looks like a 25 years old woman.. all of them tbh…

  • Anonymous

    I like Bella’s hair. Nice to finally see her forehead lol.

  • LoveANDpeace

    Why do these young girls be looking too grown now??? Like chill, enjoy your young years and stop trying to be or to look older than you are!! Hollywood is getting to peoples head!

  • Anonymous

    These girls all look like prostitutes or porn stars.

  • Anonymous

    who dat?


    The right girl has a beautifull figure! :)