+ old pix w/ BFF Wilmer!

  • uYugeQgcxq

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  • Miley_Jonas

    I want him so badly.

  • Anonymous

    OH! Look! He is with scum again!

  • Anonymous

    Is that a New security guard!?

  • anon

    The Next! :D with all the publicity joe is getting via Oceanup regarding the show,i’d think joe’s manager or publicist is paying them to write posts about the show lol! or Oceanup is also looking forward to the show,or joe obsessed. I certainly can’t wait to watch it,so i don’t blame them!

  • Anonymous

    I love Joe!!!! he looked amazing with that blue suit. and I like Nelly

  • Anonymous

    i love joe!!!

    he look elegant

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I – Am – Gettin’ So Hot IMMA TAKE MY CLOOOTHES OFF