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EW has learned that Nickelodeon has ordered spin-off pilots for Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) and Gibby Gibson (Noah Munck) from iCarly creator/ executive producer Dan Schneider. Sam’s prospective show also would serve a spin-off vehicle for Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande).

In the tentatively titled Sam & Cat, sassy Sam (McCurdy, above right) and eccentric Cat (Grande, above left) buddy up as roommates and start a babysitting business to fund their adventures.

In Gibby (which is also a working title), zany Gibby (Munck, left) gets a gig at a recreational center where he winds up as a mentor to four offbeat middle-school students. Both pilots are slated to begin production this summer.

iCarly will conclude its five-season run in November. Meanwhile, Victorious will continue its third season this fall, it’s awaiting word on a fourth season pickup. It is unclear at this time exactly what kind of presence Grande would have on a potential fourth season of Victorious if Sam & Cat receives a series order.


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  • Gigi

    Why does dan schneider recycle talent he needs 2 look @ youtube and not ariana fake covers ! She may sing well but doesnt connect or move like victoria maybe bc of the stilletto heels

  • EarthChild

    Ariana definitely should stay on Victorious until it ends…the spin off sounds disastrous and taking off one of the main characters on Victorious is only going to make it die too. And then Nick will have two problems to face…a spinoff doing worse than they expected, and one of their most current successful shows dying off quicker than they thought.

  • Anonymous

    This is funny, Nickelodeon is taking two characters from shows that are at a all time low in ratings and putting them together.

    That’s such a good idea……NOT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Janette needs to graduate from the nick family, before people only remember her as sam…

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Jennette deserves better than this.It was suppose to be HER own show, not Ariana Grande being added on.

    On top of that, she doesn’t even get a unique plot(this is a answer to Disney’s “Jessie”) Dan makes fun of Disney aka “Dingo” all the time and here he is copying their idea so he can keep an adult cast while still going for the kid audience.Really original Daniel….

    Too bad that Jennette and Ariana have to play the same characters. That’s what they’re going to be know for the rest of their acting lives.

    What a pity. I hope none of these get picked up.

  • cutiezzz

    NOOOOO! I love Cat on victorious :( She should have spin off when victorious is done with Jade #toofunny (also they’re bffs in real life …) && Jenette should get her own show she deserves it :)

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  • Anonymous

    but no one likes cat!

  • kristin6410

    Yeh they def should have a better name like really…
    The new show has potential. I would like to still have the bubbly dumb cat and tough sam ive known i cant picture them differently exspecially sam…

    Srry bad spelling..

  • Stacey B

    Hey mate, thanks for sharing but this page doesnt format correctly in Chrome it is is overlapping. workfromhome

  • Anonymous

    Babysitting @ their age….sounds doubtful and whats AG going 2do with all her arrogant singing runs

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? I know 29 year old babysitters…I think some of you guys have barely gone out in the world and you make up stuff in your head about how it is…

  • Max

    I want Cat to have her own show. Why can’t she have her own show? It will be hilarious and random:)

  • lollipop

    The great Dan Schneider has actually run out of ideas now.He even went as far as creating spin-offs which everyone knows hardly ever do good.*I can now hear Disney in the far distance laughing at Dan’s attempts to make fun of them*

    But really, what parents would trust their kids with either girl? Sam had a sweatshop of kids in iSellPennyTees and she treated them awful(never fed them,overworked them,etc)and Cat has gotten so stupid she can’t even take care of herself half the time.How i’m I suppose to believe these girls can watch kids let alone get along with each other when all Sam fans know Sam would probably just want to beat Cat with a Buttersock for being so annoying and stupid.

  • Anonymous

    -.- She isn’t leaving victorious she is just doing another show……

  • jadaxonickj

    I think that Ariana should stay on Victorious! This fucking sucks man! I’m sooo mad right now. I mean reallly? Why Cat? WHY???
    :( I love Cat on Victorious!!!

  • PlasticLovato

    ugh no, they’d kill it.

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  • Sparks

    I’m so excited! Jennette deserves it so much!!

  • Anonamas

    Come ONNN.. give it a catchier name than Sam & Cat…. jeez. Talk about lack of imagination. Give it a name with some real punch :)

  • A

    This just sounds ridiculous. The premise is unbelievably stupid.

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait for this show thyre amazing

  • Anonymous

    I am not a big fan of Ariana but I love Jennette. It’s gonna be great

  • Anonymous

    This should be JENNETTE’S show not with Ariana…. sorry but Jennette deserves better