More pix HERE! Full bus with my brothers and cousins!

  • Anonymous

    That Bitch bodyguard is there with him again! Chicago I mean!

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    Derric is a nasty user and the faster Joe gets rid of him the better off Joe will be

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  • Anonymous

    Joe is single. Stop speaking about this person. He is not dating anyone. He is spending all his off days with family and best friends. He’s an amazing person. Leave him alone.

  • Anonymous

    So that car isn’t a rental

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  • Anonymous

    awww Joe is so cute, sexy, flawless. he’s in Malibu with Frankie and his cousins

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  • Anonymous

    Camilla Belle and Natashia Ho both LIKED one of the pics from today on Joes ig

  • Anonymous

    Joe + children = so adorable

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    no one care about that bitches.

    Move on. Joe is so happy with his family and best friends. he’s spending all his off days with his loved ones! that’s what matters

  • Anonymous

    I think that guy is creepy to! I heavily don’t like any of the scum Joseph circulates with!

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  • Anonymous

    Kyle is so tall.. Aw Joe looks tiny :3
    Love him <3

  • Anonymous

    That guy could rape Joe… It’s huge and creepy

  • Anonymous

    So is your mom.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT? Why would he…do THAT? You need to stop watching the prison movies.

  • Anonymous

    Aww. His cousins are adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Nick & Joe always looked adopted. Now you can see what side of the family they take after. The little boy looks like a combination of Nick & Joe.

  • Anonymous

    This is cute! And Joe looks good with short hair, long hair, I can’t choose Wich haircut I like best!

  • Anonymous

    what does that white boy know about Eazy-E?

  • Anonymous

    I love Joe’s personality. He is so humble, a normal guy. I love him… his cousins ??are adorable!!

  • Anonymous

    Aug 3, 2012 @ 01:45 pm
    Anonymous said:

    Nick & Joe always looked adopted. Now you can see what side of the family they take after. The little boy looks like a combination of Nick & Joe.

    Joe looks like adopted but Nick looks a lot like his dad. (Kevin and Frankie too)

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