Bieber Returns To Paparazzi Fight Mall


Thx @foreverbeliebrs. Last night, Bieby was at the Sherman Oaks Galleria mall where he reportedly struck a photographer. The District Attorney is still looking into the fight and whether charges will be pressed against him.

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  • Anonymous

    looking good boo

    i know i said i was done being a belieber last night, but it was just that my feelings were hurt and i take it back.

    yes. i am back. now, stop, stop… don’t cry, just smile. :)

  • Anonymous

    can yall stop calling him Bieby and stop shading him? like you guys need a life tbqfh. bye.

  • Shameme Adams

    Aawwww, so lucky!!. But I hope (and pray) it will be me soon!. My name is Shameme Adams and I am a girl from ENGLAND. I sadly suffer from a serious illness, I was born with a muscle disease and this has twisted my spine-an illness called Scoliosis. I will sadly die without BIG surgery. Justin Bieber has taught me that despite being in bad (sometimes desperate) circumstances to NEVER give up, stay ahead, BELIEVE, proud of myself and NEVER SAY NEVER!!. Love you Justin, make my dream come true. I also have a Facebook group ‘CAMPAIGN FOR SHAMEME ADAMS TO MEET JUSTIN BIEBER’….please support me and join it.

    Love Shameme x