‘Harry Styles Stripped Naked In Our Car’


Ed Sheeran was shocked when Harry Styles got completely naked while sharing a minivan to London. One Direction offered Ed a ride back to London earlier this year after they spent the day working in the same recording studio. Harry stripped and was sitting in the back of the van nude. He told 2Day FM: ‘

‘I turned around and Harry was stripped off completely naked, just sitting there laughing. Literally, I was just looking out the window, watching cars going past. I turn around, all the boys are kind of shocked and there’s just him (Styles) laughing, completely naked.’ When asked whether Harry was well endowed, Ed replied: ‘He’s packing heat, yeah. He’s packing heat.’

One Direction’s Up All Night concert is to be shown on Nickelodeon on August 25 at at 5:30 PM. Harry said: ‘The Up All Night Tour was our first headline tour and it was such a special moment in our career. We’re very excited to be able to share this moment with Nickelodeon viewers.’

NEW Harry candids HERE! Katy Perry talks about One Direction! Fan pix HERE!

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  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    hahaha That looks so wrong in so many ways going every direction. LOL

  • Anonymous

    I think they are horrible. Their music is shit.

    But I’m not gonna lie, if ever given the chance to see Harry’s or Zayn’s cocks, I’d jump on it.

    Literally and figuratively.

  • Anonymous

    that is nasty. and how sad. why even make that comment. so wrong. he just gives himself away.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like he could benefit from some manscaping! Js lol

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    Love Themmm !!! (: <3

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  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    hahaha That looks so wrong in so many ways going every direction. LOL

  • Anonymous

    shitty band, as their fans are children should lead by example.

  • Anonymous

    Ewwwwww fucking directioners who like this is nasty!!!

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  • Anonymous

    why is katy perry in this ?


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  • Anonymous

    he’s so nasty


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  • Anonymous

    oh god he can strip 4 me any dayhes so hot and haters above fuck off if u dont like him

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    he is gross nobody wants to see little ass vienna sausage

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  • Anonymous

    the real life directioners!

    he is gay!! :(

  • Anonymous

    nigga you gay

  • Max

    One Direction did sample I want it that way from the Backstreet Boys in their song, One thing so that is why the song is familiar and are popular since they are cute.

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