Selena Gomez Shopping + HOT Bieber!


Selena went shopping today!! Sel talk about her movie HERE!

  • Anonymous

    sel is so pretty! and love that she has natural beauty<3

  • BrokenArrow

    I dont know if it’s because of hte amount of her she has or the color or somethnig that makes me think it looks dirty..

  • Anonymous

    that viddy tho, seriously… justin is like snow white or some ish lmao. friend to all living things. obsessed with monkeys, dogs, babies, geese…

  • Gossip

    What a kiss… so cool.!!!

  • Anonymous

    Justin looks like he’s wearing soft pink lipstick..

  • Anonymous

    lmfaoo agree, but in the sec pic he does look lil bit girly, ohh well theres nothing we can doo :(

  • Terrence Williams

    first picture creds go to @jakertaylor – instagram


  • kristin6410

    Justin looks girly bc hes making duck face only girls do that…the hat makes him look girly to idk…
    selena looks….not her best

  • Miley_Jonas

    Omigosh I lose more respect for this loser Bieber every day.

  • sexonfire11

    guys what is the name of this actress? really like her she is pretty

  • anons
  • dr Anonymous

    so justin “stamped” the clothing brand “413”. i go to their website ( and the first things across the screen are satanic shirts. needless to say, i was speechless. like, was everything i thought i knew a- a…. lie??

    so i keep scrolling and it seemed that most of the other clothes were just Krew stuff and supra and all that stuff he wears, but like…… lmao i almost had a heart attack. thought that GIRL had rubbed off on him officially too much. as if it’s not bad enough she;s got him basic-fied, watching FRIENDS. (seriously, how do you go from loving the brilliant “martin”, to being able to enjoy sitting thru thirty minutes of the most over-rated sitcom of all time? this is why one needs to watch who they be-friend very closely I’M JUST SAYING. as a matter of fact, I WONDERRRR how justin is even aware of CERTAIN WEBSITES that stress him out that he evidently visits……….. yeah i wonder alright -_-)

    so anyways, like i was saying, i went to that brand website and poked around, and wouldn’t you know, there were alllll kinds of terrible symbolism present in the designs and pieces sold.

    take a peak at this ADORABLE inverted cross rosary! or and omg, check out this super sweet skull paperweight. like duh everybody needs at least one.

    the point is, be careful about just who and what you give your money, but most importantly your INFLUENCE to. and i hope these celebs secure some CHECKS for all this stamping shit. let’s be serious here… lol

  • Anonymous

    awww avalanna :)

    how do people really hate justin so much tho? like, how could you hate that face you have no soul haha. between this and that monkey viddy, you can’t tell me he’s not an angel :)

  • Anonymous

    Hot Bieber ha ha not