Rupert Sanders, ‘Twilight Was A Prison’


Rupert told thehothits that he was ‘very taken’ by Kristen and called the Twilight franchise a ‘prison.. She’s very spirited, very driven, she’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders. She’s been in the prison of Twilight for many years. So when I met her, I was very taken by this rebellious, very tough girl.’

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  • Anonymous

    A cradle robber (cough, pedophile, cough) speaks.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my God, shut the fuck up, Rupert.

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    A cradle robber (cough, pedophile, cough) speaks


    how is he a pedophile ? kristen is a grown woman

  • Anonymous

    Tung unu mo Rupert!
    Shut the fuck up. You can’t judge.

  • Miley_Jonas

    We don’t care -__-.

  • Anonymous

    Digging up old interviews now? Wow. I think it’s time you guys move on. Most everyone else has.

  • realistgangsta

    who cares about these two anymore