The Veronicas ‘1 Direction Are Beautiful’


Jessica Origliasso told TheFIX: ‘[I’d pash] Harry, because he likes older women. I think that Harry boy’s adorable. It’s those big green eyes.’ Lisa: ‘He’s beautiful, I think they’re all beautiful, from what I’ve seen of them.’

On mentoring Australia X Factor: ‘It was a very different experience to what we thought we were getting into. So much of those shows have to do with the show, and nothing to do with the talent on the show, and that’s TV, it is what it is.

As far as being judges [again], it’s not in our near future.’ The turned down judging ‘The Voice Australia': ‘We got approached to do judging, but we were in the middle of making our record at the time.’

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    i love the veronicas :)

    and ur fucking stupid if you think harry and louis are gay! first of all louis has a fucking girlfriend u idiot. and second of all harry has had more girlfriends than any of the boys stupid !

  • Anonymous

    Umm sorry to burst your bubble. But, Just because someone has a gf, or has had a bunch of gf’s doesnt mean they are not gay. That could just be a mask. Honey, now i know you are not that naive!!!

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  • Jackie

    Excited for there album!
    There single “Lolita” is going good here in oz

    I doubt they’d dated Harry anyway

  • Anonymous

    … Who?