Nina Dobrev told FASHION: There are two racks for my two characters and they are on opposite sides of the room. My wardrobe designer set it up for me so I am putting together the pieces as if I am Elena or Katherine.

Whenever I’m in Elena’s clothing, my demeanour changes and I just feel more casual and effortless. As soon as I put on any of Katherine’s gear, like a corset, my outlook changes because my posture is changing. Clothes are such a big help.’ On dating Ian Somerhalder:

‘I like to be challenged. I like to be inspired and constantly be learning. I feel like when I’m with someone who’s older than me they have a certain amount of experience in life. There’s a maturity. There’s a different sort of knowledge that they bring to a relationship and the conversations are very different.’

  • Anonymous

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  • verox87

    not that much to me..she’s beautiful

  • Anonymous

    she is ugly to me too

  • Anonymous

    and you’re the prettiest thing out there? I don’t think so honey, so save comments like that for yourself

  • Anonymous

    She look ugly -_-

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  • AC

    Whoever said she is ugly has no eyes. Love her!

  • Anonymous

    She’s a natural beauty and an amazing she and Ian are one of the most bautiful couples out haters can leave thank you..

  • Anonymous

    EVERY magazine photo is photoshopped. who cares -.- she’s as beautiful as always

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