Taylor Swift Helping Conor Kennedy Cope


On Thursday, Swift, 22, and Kennedy, 18, were spotted at Edley’s BBQ in Nasvhille, where she posed for pictures with fans: ‘They were both very relaxed and casual and for the most part were left alone to enjoy their dinner with a friend.. All I know is that she seems so, so happy right now and when Taylor is happy, so am I!’

Taylor’s rep told People that her brother was at dinner with her parents last week, not Conor. Taylor’s ‘positive spirit’ is helping him through the heartbreak of losing his mother, Mary Richardson Kennedy. Taylor has encouraged Conor to pursue his interest in whale research as well as take on the huge responsibility of becoming administrator of his late mother’s estate.

Source told New York Post: ‘Taylor has a really generous and positive spirit, and the whole Kennedy family loves her. She met Ethel at Sundance in January [when the singer attended the screening of HBO documentary ‘Ethel’], and then she came out to visit the family at Hyannis Port on the Fourth of July. It has been a very difficult time for Conor, losing his mother, and Taylor has great positive energy. She is definitely helping him through this. He is so young and has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, becoming the administrator of his mother’s estate. It’s a lot of work, but he is smart and reliable, and will stand up to the role.’

Conor has been doing volunteer work to help extract DNA from whales to research how the Gulf of Mexico oil spill affected the mammals. His father is the president of Waterkeeper Alliance, which campaigns for safe waterways worldwide. Conor is a genuine guy and, like his father, is interested in environmental issues and is trying to save the world.. Conor has the biggest heart in the world, and Taylor is lovely. It’s been a tough summer, and I hope he gets to enjoy a little peace now.’

Taylor and Conor ate lunch at The Pancake Pantry in Nashville’s Hillsboro Village. Then yesterday evening The Country Vibe spotted them at Edley’s Bar-B-Que in the popular 12 South District of Nashville. They were both very relaxed and casual and, for the most part, were left alone to enjoy their dinner with a friend, with only a handful of fans approaching Taylor before and after their meal. Fans in their late teens approached Taylor and asked Conor to take a picture of them with her.

  • Anonymous

    If she weren’t a famous singer she’d be a college grad and he’s a high school graduate o_O

  • Anonymous

    shes 22 and he’s 18? well actually that suits her better than her 30 year old boyfriends, she always seemed kinda childish for her age.

  • Anonymous

    Encouraging him to take on the responsibilities of his mother’s real estate is basically saying that she has her eyes on his money. I think she dates guys younger than her because she seems more in that late teen age… Not as mature as others her age would be. Like think about it.. A 22 year old would ideally be done undergrad or college or what not… Their mindset in most cases is different. And her pink, poofy, princess tendicies probably fly with younger guys more than guys a little older than her or her age. Even in the industry…. Look at the maturity difference between her and others… And don’t bring drugs and etc into this..

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