Are YOU sad that it’s DONE?

  • threelittlebirds

    A.C. said:
    This show is fucking retarded (coming from a person who has seen every single episode seasons 1-5). Glad it’s coming to an end!
    if it’s so retarded, then why do you watch it? somebody has no life.

  • Max

    Will we ever find out who the REAL Gossip Girl is? Hopefully they do not save it for the series finale to show who Gossip Girl is. Is there more than one Gossip Girl like The A team from Pretty Little Liars?

  • A.C.

    This show is fucking retarded (coming from a person who has seen every single episode seasons 1-5). Glad it’s coming to an end!

  • kary_redfern

    Not sad, its run its course and the past season was mostly a big let down, DAN AND BLAIR? GROSS I will be sad if Chuck and Blair don’t end up together!!!

  • You Were Thinking It

    RIP Gossip Girl.
    I’ve a feeling this last season will be amazing though!

  • Anonymous

    i thought this show been over

  • Anonymous

    nope. season 5 was pretty shitty. and the last episode of 5 was thrown together in an awful way. i like dair but the way they were written together was awful. and if the were going to go with chair then they should have done it better. I’m done. i might watch season 6 if it ends up on netflix but until then it can kiss my ass.

  • Anonymous

    OMG I’m going to miss this show and the characters sooo much!
    I own every season and I know I’m not the only one who will
    miss watching every Monday night to see what scheme
    Blair is planning, or to see what stupid thing serena will do(even though
    We still love her) , or just to look at how hott chuck
    Nate and Dan are! Wow. I’m really gonna miss this show.
    I just hope it ends well. I hope Blair and chuck stay together.
    Xoxo <33

  • ParadiseBieber


  • Anonymous

    its all i can say , allot of bad writing in the last 2 seasons but compared to all the other shows it is so good.The fashion and the characters are just real good.And i think not everybody understand that. I remember being fourteen and starting to watch this.. 5 years ago already? crazy. I dont want it to end. I truly feel emotionally attached to the show..stupid

  • Anonymous

    They SHOULD have Taylor Momsen back,i love her!!
    But i do not think she will ..

  • TeamStelena

    I’m sad. I love this show, even though it was kinda boring during the S5. I hope they will make an interesting last season, this show deserves a proper ending. :)

  • Anonymous

    awful show from the first episode on. not sad at all

  • Anonymous

    fuck you, up there.

    i followed this show from the beginning and have been through everything with these characters, from serena falling for dan and nate, from chuck being an ass to being a good guy to being in love with blair, to blair being in love with nate, chuck, and dan, and hating serena on and off, to nate being a useless character and dating jenny, to jenny being innocent to being a bitch and sleeping with chuck and her leaving the series along with vanessa. yeah, the storylines have been on and off and sometimes repeating and far-fetched, but this was probably the first series that was meant to be for teenagers that wasn’t lame like Degrassi and was the way Pretty Little Liars should’ve been like.

    i’m gonna miss it a lot.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Amen to the 2nd comment!

  • chairforever

    i’m so upset that gossip girl is finally coming to an end… i’ve really grown up with these characters (middle school – senior year) but i’m really excited to see how the writers approach concluding the series. the shortened season will (hopefully) provide all avid gossip girl fans with exactly what we’ve been promised since the beginning (chuck & blair) without so much filler and unnecessary plot lines and guest characters that have been snuck in since season 3. it’s unreal that i’ll be saying googbye to the series once and for all this year but i’m sure the conclusion will satisfy (: parting is such a sweet sorrow, but as long as chuck and blair end up together i will bid the series farewell on a positive note. <3

  • Anonymous

    AMEN x2 to the second comment. The first 2, MAYBE 3 season were good. 4 and 5 were shitty and shittiest. Goodbye Gossip Girl.

  • Anonymous

    This trailer kind of burns the whole season, even with it mostly around season 5

  • DearTaylor

    Who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. Xo xo Gossip Girl.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. It’s my favorite show on The CW. They should have got Taylor Momsen (Jenny) back for it’s final season, she was a big part of the show! Hopefully Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina Sparks) is in a lot of episodes, she’s my favorite character next to Jenny. The first two seasons are the best because they’re still in high school.