Louis, ‘Niall Is The Biggest Bad Boy Of 1D’

YES! Teen interview via 1DBR. You have an image of good boys. But is that really are bad boys in secret Harry: I think there’s probably a bit of mischief in the majority of us. Niall has a trace. Louis: Niall is probably the worst. And Zayn is also a little bad boy. Liam: He’s not a bad boy, is only half rude.

What was the most rock and roll you’ve ever done? Louis: I went to Ibiza for one night. Zayn: I did tattoos. I need to tell them.. I have six! Liam: I did not drink any drink with gas for two months. I am strong! Louis: And the time you threw a TV out the window, Harry? Harry: Oh, it’s because everyone was saying we were not very rock and roll, then threw the TV out the window.

Louis: And not broke, had no scratch! Zayn: I broke a bike. Liam: He had never driven a motorcycle before and had a red young, we were using for the filming of our video.. He ended it. Zayn: I’m making it sound more glamorous than it actually was. Just lost it, the bike went crazy, ran for a couple of meters and hit a rock. It was a limited edition, very expensive. Had to put nail polish
red nail to cover risks.

Have you ever autographed a fan’s body part? Harry: Once, one autographed breast, in Parsons Green Park in London. Liam: I found an interesting place.. Louis: There are so good at writing, are they? Already autographed many arms and hands and sometimes navels.