Very Happy 20th Birthday Demi Lovato!


A fan made a birthday site for Demi HERE!


@ddlovato happy birthday honey! Have a lovely day! See ya soon

  • Anonymous

    HAHA she is a laughting at you haters cuz she is famous and she making that money and what your little 12 year old ass doing huh….sitting behind a damn computer and with no acomplishments so when you are in people’s position then you can talk BIATCH!!!

  • Anonymous

    We defend her!!! If people say bad things about we will retaliate you would do the same if it were with you.We just want to protect her. She’s not a saint but she doesn’t deserve all this hate for no reason.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think anon was even hating, they probably just think it was too much when her fans insult haters for saying shit. i have respect for demi but i agree with the anon. shes not a saint and her fans shouldnt just care what others say. thats my advice. best way to leave out the hate from demi.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you comment on this article if u r going to insult?? Show some respect. She is a human being as you and me and she hasnt done anything to you for you to call her like that.
    Happy Birthday girl! :)

  • Anonymous

    damnn her ass in those shorts, she looks so hot

  • Anonymous

    i love her. i’m a fan since camp rock in 2008 and i also followed the jonas brothers because they were a tight knit group with her (unless it was all pr). she deserves way more succes than she has because she can really sing and belt, very rare in pop teen stars. happy birthday demi

  • skittlesqueen11

    Excuse me but I’m a lovatic and I never insult others, even ppl that hate on demi. I just think its rude to call her a fat whore. I mean, if you don’t like her, what are you doing in a post about her birthday ? Lmfao. I think there’s nothing really to hate on Demi, nobody’s perfect but she’s helped everyone realize that, that’s one of the many reasons I love her so much. And FYI don’t blame all lovatics for what one lovatic does. I’ve never called anyone names, especially online because I wouldn’t want that to happen to me

  • skittlesqueen11

    Happy birthday baby girl !! Love you dem dem<33

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  • Anonymous

    fat whore

  • Anonymous

    i’m not a “lovatic” but demi is not a fat whore. show some respect.

  • BrokenArrow


  • Anonymous

    happy bitrhday demi…
    But one thing that bugs me is that ppl act like demi is a special snowflake, people are bitching about #happybirthdayfatwhore trend, people take it seriously, i understand what she’s been through. but it doesnt make her some special snowflake for having a darkside. sure everyone has had a darkside, in the end, we all do. but i think ppl need to settle down and stop going all crazy for this ‘nemi’ shit. its getting annoying and i wish ppl would stop focusing on a relationship thats probably not even happening and just stop causing so much. anyway, happy birthday demi. i like demi but remember just bc what haters say, dont need to flip out about it because she wasnt the only celeb who had a battle. i think every celeb did honestly.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday smurf!

  • barbiescunt

    Cool, her birthday exactly a month before mine.

  • Anonymous

    Nasty fake whore

  • Lovatic

    You’re the nasty fake whore bitch. You have nothing better to do than bitch about stupid stuff.I hope you’re birthday fucking sucks bitch! My was delightful HOE!

  • Anonymous

    So yeah. I’m a LITTLE late to this party but it seems like someone has decided to finally jump on the “Demi was a Bully” bandwaggon JUST as she is about to make a new album and what not. I mean cause that’s not conincidental at all right? I mean here’s a pop star who is JUST about to release a new album after a successful comeback single, and then all of a sudden there is some dumb fame hogging coat tail riding brat looking to rain on her parade? We’ve seen this before haven’t we kiddies? Yeah we have. So lets get on with this now.
    “I’ll see a magazine article, a commercial, a youtube video, a tweet, a post, a picture. And it just infuriates me. My eyebrows furrow and my muscles tense up and I get this awful feeling in my stomach. Hatred. Shame. Jealousy. The injustice of it all just wells up inside of me and there’s just no way to release it. I don’t know why this has been the one thing I have never been able to let go. I don’t hold grudges. But this is just too much. It affected me too much. It changed my life. It ruined my childhood. She destroyed me.”.
    Yeah I’m going to stop you right here because frankly I’m already doubting you. First off I don’t understand what is up with the whole dramatic theatrical flare of your little rant here Kristin. I mean for someone tell the truth about someone else who is now a famous celebrity (like THAT hasn’t happened before) you sure put a lot of theatricality in your post here. Normally people JUST tell other people what happened and that would be it. But here you are giving this entire little Ralph Waldo Emerison opening here and it really makes me question the validity of this statement. I mean I can just imagine the dramatic music that you were imagining when you wrote this.
    “I don’t hold grudges. But this is TOO MUCH -gasp- It affected me tooooo much! IT ruined my childhooood! But worst of all…-shudder- she destroyed me. Oh…woe is me…thy 9 year old girl hath destroyed me!” wooo! I can just imagine this being in a shakespearean play. For real now. Am I the only one who is calling bull crap after reading the first paragraph? I don’t think so. I mean Really? This is the theme that you are going for in this little essay of yours? Alright…lets proceed. +

  • Anonymous

    I hate this cunt with the fire of a thousand suns.

    I have never seen anyone who bests Lohan and everyone else in recorded history in the language of manipulation. Demi Lovato has no gift other than speaking in post-rehab, post-therapy soundbites, dressing like Wynonna Judd’s shorter, somewhat younger-looking twin, and fucking predators. That’s it. That’s the A to Z of her abilities. Worst, she’s been incredibly abusive to other young women, but has essentially stolen their stories, swapped the names of abuser (her) and victim(s), and lied, lied, lied to hide her coke use and general cunt-fuckery.

    It turns out that ‘cutting, sobbing’ DEMI was the bully in school, all of her fucking lies to the contrary:

    …and that she has called other young women ‘fatass’ in public to humiliate them:

    [Relevant part of the story: the “I Am A…” former child actress said her Worst encounter with any of the “tween idols” Demi Lovato — “[she] was an ass a few years ago. She still may be, for that matter. We had a weird encounter at an event (sorry to be so obtuse about this, but… privacy concerns!) wherein she referred to me as a fatass. I’ll give her that she was probably struggling with her ED at the time, but it was really pretty unnerving and dickish. It was also very obvious that she was on coke and maybe something else (MDMA? Not sure.).]”

    This twat is basically soulless. She’s a disgusting fucking monster and I hate that she has a career of any kind, and that the former recipients of her abuse see her ass-chin and whining and lying when they’re in grocery check-out lines. I have far less sympathy for this piece of shit than I do for Lohan, because I do not believe she suffers from bipolar disorder or anything else. She’s using ‘I’m sick, I cut, I’m not skinny and I’m tortured about it!!’ because “I’m entitled, I love coke, and I have contempt for other women” can’t be interpreted in an innocuous way.

  • Brigitte

    Happy Birthday Demi!!! Hope it is a great one. I love you so much, you are so beautiful and my biggest inspiration. Keep doing what you do and stay strong! :D

  • Anonymous

    Lovatic said:

    You’re the nasty fake whore bitch. You have nothing better to do than bitch about stupid stuff.I hope you’re birthday fucking sucks bitch! My was delightful HOE!
    Jesus. this is what makes me think that lovatics are bad. they say this stuff to other people who say negative things. acting like demi is a saint. smh.

  • Liza

    Happy birthday granny!!!!