Taylor Swift Consoled Conor, Mom’s Grave


Taylor Swift joined her boyfriend Conor Kennedy and his family to visit his mother’s grave on Sunday in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery in Hyannis, reports NYDN. Taylor held Conor’s hand and caressed him as they honored his mom. At one point, the singer and the grieving group appeared to bow their heads in prayer.

Conor is a student at the prestigious Deerfield Academy, a prep school in Deerfield, Mass. Besides Swift, his main interest has been in researching whales. He even volunteered this summer on a project to extract DNA from whales in the Gulf of Mexico to determine how they have been affected by the 2010 BP oil spill.

Swift has been an emotional rock for the eldest son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. since his mother, who had battled depression and alcoholism, committed suicide in May. Conor’s parents were in the midst of bitter divorce when his mother hanged herself in a barn at the family’s Westchester County estate.

In divorce papers, RFK Jr. asked that Mary Kennedy be required to remain sober in front of their four children and not threaten suicide in their presence. Mary Kennedy’s family accused him of using the divorce filing as a ‘brutal psychological weapon.’ The feud between Conor’s dad and his mother’s family continued after her death as they went to court to fight over the body. RFK Jr., who is now dating actress Cheryl Hines, eventually prevailed.

Conor and Swift have spent nearly the entire summer together in the heart of Kennedy Camelot, going to the beach for a swim and sailing on Nantucket Sound. Last week, they were photographed sharing a dockside kiss. He took Swift to his cousin Kyle Kennedy’s wedding on Saturday, where she met most of his extended relatives.

Swift is so smitten with her new love that she bought a $5 million beachside house next to the famed Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, once the ‘Summer White House’ for President John F. Kennedy. The seven-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom pad is directly across the driveway from the home of Conor’s 84-year-old grandmother, Ethel Kennedy.

Ethel Kennedy, a fan of Swift’s music, reportedly met the singer at the Sundance Film Festival and introduced her to Conor. The relationship between Swift and Conor is so strong she took him to Nashville this month to meet her parents, Scott and Andrea. Taylor Tweeted: ‘I want to thank you guys for giving me my biggest first week ever with ‘We are Never,’ I can’t stop smiling.’ Swift is said to be worth $80 million.