Jelena Demi Most Followed Twitter Teens


1. Justin Bieber 2. Selena Gomez 3. Demi Lovato 4. Miley Cyrus 5. Harry Styles 6. Niall Horan 7. Liam Payne 8. Nick Jonas 9. Kendall Jenner 10. Cody Simpson. Source.

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  • Anonymous

    This is true if it was in early July. Otherwise, Miley is the most followed teen.

  • Anonymous

    Still Justin.

  • Anonymous

    Selena and Demi aren’t even technically teens

  • BrokenArrow

    This is true if it was in early July. Otherwise, Miley is the most followed teen.

    Justin is 18!

  • AnonymousJen

    Gotta love me Demi

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  • Anonymous

    I just follow Nick and Demi of all of those.

  • Anonymous

    Justin is the one who has more followers, his girlfriend is second. Coincidence? I think not.

    Selena is only famous because of Bieber.

  • Anonymous

    that awkward moment when selena and demi aren’t even teens

  • Anonymous

    The only people who should be on this list is Justin, Cody and Kendall. Everyone else is no longer a teenager or weeks from being a teenager. And I find it funny how Miley deleted her Twitter when pretty much everyone else on this list only had like 500,000 and she had 2 million and now she has like 8 million now. that was fast.