Niall Horan Alexandra Burke V Festival


‘So good seeing ma boy yesterday @Niallofficial x’

  • random2225

    LLN! theyre funny! i love you nialler! <3

  • Clark Hill

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  • Anonymous

    Well I think Niall is gorgeous young lad, and they would make a cute couple. I’m not even a one direction fan but he has always been my favorite.

  • Tami

    my two favourite:)they should do a duet…would sound interesting

  • Anonymous

    he is so fucking UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughhh …….

  • Anonymous

    YESSS thank u!!!!! he looks like a 11 years old boy!!! he is just to ugly for DEMETRIA !! directioners are blind

  • Anonymous

    X factor uk is just the best :)

  • Tami


  • Alex Loves Niall

    Your Just Jealous Becuz He Is Perfect And Your Not.

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  • Anonymous

    Honestly there is absoulutly no reason to insult people on their looks. That may be your opinion but their is no reason to state it that … rudely. Anyway you should judge someone on their character and alsothey are just having some fun and chilling. Just cool your self down and don’t be so haterish…honestly there is no reason for it.

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  • Anonymous

    idk who she is