Do YOU think Emma is recording music??

  • Anonymous

    She may be, she said if she wasn’t an actress she’d like to sing. I’m fine with it either way though :)

  • SlimShady

    I doubt it, Emma seems to be in her mode when acting, I don’t think she’d ever want to swap over to sing. Though if she does I’ll dream of a Feltson duet

  • Anonymous

    Do YOU Emma is recording music??


    Do YOU think you should check your typos befor posting oceanup ?

  • Anonymous

    no no no please stick to acting… both things never work for anyone..

  • BrokenArrow


  • kary_redfern

    don’t know… don’t think so
    and don’t care.
    I would say unlikely, but who knows….

    I do love her !!!:)

  • Anonymous

    i really think she is, cause she had a great voice… and she like sing a lot!!, always in the studio of harry Potter she was singing at!!! so go girl!!!

  • jerAffora
  • lookatmenow

    No she’s probably doing voiceover for a movie or something.

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