Happy Birthday Billy Ray!

  • Anonymous

    Gossipcop is reporting that Selena Gomez actually is Miley’s half sister. Maybe that’s why they are so close in talent and success.

  • xAskTaylorx

    His birthday is on my birthday also? Impossible! JK. Pretty cool. =]

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday billy ray :)

  • BrokenArrow

    Miley’s bun twitter should put that as its profile picture lol

  • BrokenArrow

    HBD Billy!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Billy Ray :)

    I love the bun picture. I’m sure if Miley see’s this she would laugh her ass off.

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday billy ray

  • Jb fan

    The first two pictures are cute..but the third one is not funny!! omg! it’s just hair! so many jokes about her hair? i mean come on! you’re going to look stupid,when her hair grows back.Less jokes to make about it! Miley is a beautiful girl,and the hate she gets is starting to get pathetic.She has feelings! imagine being picked on for EVERYTHING you do.She has supported SO many charities,but haters prefer to stick to the negative things.What does that say about you as a person.Put yourself in her shoes,for ONE day! i’d love to see how haters would manage.I feel bad for her.Glad that she doesn’t give a flying f*ck,well says she doesn’t…Anyways rant over

  • Jb fan

    Oh and Happy Birthday to her dad,Billy Ray! :D

  • Anonymous

    noah was too adorable and too little :3 she’s annoying now but god that baby picture is way too precious

    happy birthday to billy ray :D

    and to the first anon , it’s not a big deal . The gotye “didn’t have to cut me off” joke was used to so many things , it’s not harmful , I think miley would laugh it at.The very popular one was van gogh’s ear LOL , it’s really funny

    as to “doesn’t give a flying f*ck,well says she doesn’t” don’t fool yourself , she does care , that’s why she tweets million times about how she feels beautiful and likes her hair and talks about the haters . If she didn’t care she would have ignored them and never addressed them.A lot of celebrities get hate yet they don’t tweet about it.

  • ssexybeast


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