Liam ‘Always Loved’ Miley’s Long Hair


Liam Hemsworth thought Miley Cyrus was just joking around when she told him she was planning an extreme image change. A source told NOW: ‘He honestly didn’t think she’d go through with it. He’s always loved her long hair.’ To show support for his wife, Liam told Good Morning America recently that it looks ‘really fantastic.’


  • BrokenArrow

    They’re always trying to make stories about Miley. and all they do is lie. smh

  • Anonymous

    smh bullshit

  • Anonymous

    who would like her dike hair cut. ugly bitch crying out for attention..ugh anyways wonder what drugs shes on

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you’ve just pulled the exact words off sugarscape!!!!!!

  • f4g3t

    even tho she’s by bby i don’t like her new hair.
    she looks like a dyke.

  • Clark Hill

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  • Anonymous

    And know he likes her short hair. My god it’s not about the hair it’s what’s inside that matters that’s why Liam loves Miley. But you haters can’t see that.

  • Anonymous

    Miley has wanted to cut her hair short for ages. But because of the show and other conflicts she was unable to do so until recently. Don’t belive these false stories that are being passed around. Miley and Liam are very happy.

  • Your Love is my Drug

    I absolutely LOVE her new hair. If theres anyone who can pull it off its her

  • Anonymous

    that pic is so fucking disgusting! ewwww that fugly and trashy bitch! seriously why she has to be such a disgusting girl, i mean you cant even call that thing a girl… ewwww shes like a fucking travesti…. sooo gross

  • Anonymous

    its sooo laughable the thing she dare to do for attention hahaha poor talentless and irrelvant attention whore, shes such a try hard! shes without a doubt the epitome of tacky! she looks like a fucking travesti! seriously who dare to go out like that? ewww

  • Anonymous

    I liked her hair better long but I like her short her too :)

  • TheStraightShooter

    Uh huh, the words that directly came out of his mouth were a lie, the source’s words are true!

  • Still Anonymous

    Let’s Just State the OBVIOUS:

    A) NOW was desperate for a story (As well as OceanUp, but what’s new?)

    B) Liam met Miley when she had long hair, so he definitely would never say “I’ve always hated Miley’s long hair.” That would be dumb. So as a result, the opposite statement is true; Liam always liked Miley’s long hair. A third grader learning opposite statements could’ve come up with this story just as easily.

    C) What they are trying to insinuate is that Liam does not like Miley’s short hair. However they do not outright state that because, besides the fact that they have no proof and he’s publicly stated the oposite, their source is more likely a janitor at “NOW” than anyone who actually knows Liam personally.

  • Still Anonymous

    BTW, you spell Liam with an M at the end OU… right now the first sentence says “Lia Hemsworth”

  • Anonymous

    NOW and the source are fake because they say that Miley is Liam’s wife.

    [To show support for his wife, Liam told Good Morning America recently that it looks ‘really fantastic.’]

    Next – – ->

  • JesusBale

    Well, obviously he hates it :L

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wow that is so post worthy!!! i’m sure it’s 100% true

  • Anonymous

    at first i didnt like it, then i got us to it on her :)