Rihanna ‘Would Do Anything For Chris’

Rihanna and Chris Brown will both be in the same place at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 6, reports Hollywood Life. They would be interested to present an award together, besides working together on the remix of Rihanna‘s song ‘Birthday Cake’, they have stayed away from each other in a professional setting.

Source on whether Rihanna would be more than willing to stand on stage next to Chris: ‘That’s obvious. Hell yeah, she would. [There isn’t anything] she wouldn’t do for that [him]. She’d do just about anything for him.’ Friend of Chris: ‘Why wouldn’t he? It would be the first time in a long.. time that he would be on stage with his boo.’

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  • Dbzchic

    I know it’s not right. Her being in the spotlight she should try her hardest to set a good example for others, and stay away. But if you saw her interview with Oprah it gives her a tiny bit of breathing room. That was her first love. The first guy she ever truly fell for. It wasn’t her fault he ended up being a crazy Mo Fo. And even in abusive relationships it’s hard to still not have feelings for them. She said even b4 she could have an opinion about what happened the media already made up her mind about what to do. So she rolled with it and never had time to actually know what she’s feeling. I honestly wish she wasnt in love with him, but there’s nothing we can do now :/

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with the last statement from Dbzchic. I myself was in an up & down relationship. There wasn’t physical abuse, but the fights were emotional & terrible things were said. Its hard to walk away from someone you love so much. No matter what they did to you. When you feel that strongly for someone for that long, especially when they are your first love, you still hold a special place for them in your heart. You never get over it.

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  • Anonymous

    Hopefully he’ll hit her again so she doesn’t go back to him.

  • TheStraightShooter

    Nice message to send to all of the battered women out there. Get back with a guy that beat you until your eyes were swollen shut, “true love” is above respect, right? Rihanna is such an assclown.

  • Anonymous

    Both of them make me sick. Chris for obvious reasons, Rihanna for going back to him.

  • Sparks

    No respect for any of them.

  • bleach

    maybe he didn’t hit her THAT hard. and she made an huge deal out of it.
    if he had scared the shit out of her she wouldn’t want to be near him… i guess

  • Anonymous

    did you read the police report? made me so sick.

  • Anonymous

    agree wit u all!

  • Anonymous

    He is dating someone else! not Rihanna! AND get over it,it has nothing to do with you guys anyways.It happened ONCE and it was Yrs!! ago geez

  • Anonymous

    is she…..popping a pimple on him..?

  • Anonymous

    SMFH……. to some of these celebrities -_-